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Valentine Williams

The Fox Prowls

Hodder & Stoughton 1939
Jacket design unknown

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Valentine Williams

No living author knows more about ' inside Europe" than VALENTINE WILLIAMS. That fact was one of the reasons for the sensational success of his " CLUBFOOT " Novels. And that is why Baron Alexis de Bahl, international spy -master and central character of THE FOX PROWLS, commands your attention. The "'Fox," fascinating, ruthless, dominating, might exist in the troubled Europe of 1939. Perhaps, even now, he is making his way across Central Europe to some stronghold on the Ukraine border. And to what end ? What is it that brings Alexis de Bahl to the Castle Orghina in Bessarabia, inherited from an eccentric old lady by Stephen Selmar, the Detroit millionaire ? Why is he so interested in structural repairs to the castle requiring the presence of large numbers of foreign workmen ?

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