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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
A Slice of the Cake Robert Hale 1978
The Night We Get Rich Robert Hale 1979
If the Price is Right Robert Hale 1979
Someone has to Take the Fall Robert Hale 1979
You Can Deal Me In Robert Hale 1980
The Smell of Money Robert Hale 1980
Nothing is for Free Robert Hale 1980
The set-Up Robert Hale 1981
It Never Comes Easy Robert Hale 1981
Death is for Losers Robert Hale 1981
The Rio Contract Robert Hale 1982
The Way to Get Dead Robert Hale 1982
Don't Hold Your Breath Robert Hale 1983
You Can Go Feet First Robert Hale 1984

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William Newton Author Biography - Information About the Author
William Simpson Newton was born in 1923 and also wrote using the pseudonyms; Gilroy Mitcham and Macdonald Newton, he is a Hubin listed author.
There are no American editions, according to the American Library of Congress catalogue.
All of the books listed above are eminently buyable but there is one strange thing. You'd expect to be plagued by ex-library copies given the usual situation with this publisher but you can locate them in nice collectable condition with dust jackets.
The dust jackets have mostly attractive artwork or photography, for the period of course, not a patch on earlier crime fiction of course.
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