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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Guilty Bonds Routledge 1891  
The Temptress Tower 1895  
Zoraida: A Romance of the Harem Tower 1895  
Devil's Dice. White 1896  
Who so Findeth a Wife Ditto 1897  
A Madonna of the Music Halls Ditto 1897  
The Eye of Ishtar Ditto 1897  
If Sinners Entice Thee Ditto 1898  
The Great White Queen White 1898  
Scribes and Pharisees Ditto 1898  
The Veiled Man Ditto 1899  
The Bond of Black Ditto 1899  
Wiles of the Wicked Bell 1899  
The Day of Temptation White 1899  
England's Peril Ditto 1899  
An Eye for an Eye Ditto 1900  
In White Raiment Ditto 1900  
Of Royal Blood Hutchinson 1900  
The Gamblers Ditto 1901  
The Sign of the Seven Sins Lippincott 1901 America only
Her Majesty's Minister Hodder 1901  
The Court of Honour White 1901  
The Under-Secretary Hutchinson 1902  
The Unnamed H&S 1902  
The Tickencote Treasure Newnes 1903  
The Three Glass Eyes Treherne 1903  
The Seven Secrets Hutchinson 1903  
The Idol of the Town White 1903  
As We Forgave Them Ditto 1904  
The Closed Book Methuen 1904  
The Hunchback of Westminster Ditto 1904  
The Man from Downing Street Hurst 1904  
The Red Hat Daily Mail 1904  
The Sign of the Stranger White 1904  
The Valley of the Shadow Methuen 1905  
Who Giveth This Woman? Stoughton 1905  
The Spider's Eye Cassell 1905  
Sins of the City White 1905  
The Mask Long 1905  
Behind the Throne Methuen 1905  
The Czar's Spy H&S 1905  
The Great Court Scandal White 1906  
The House of the Wicked Blackett 1906  
The Mysterious Mr. Miller H&S 1906  
The Mystery of a Motor-Car. Ditto 1906  
Whatsoever a Man Soweth White 1906  
The Woman at Kensington Cassell 1906  
The Secret of the Square White 1907  
The Great Plot Hodder 1907  
Whosoever Loveth Hutchinson 1907  
The Crooked Way Methuen 1908  
The Looker On White 1908  
The Pauper of Park Lane Cassell 1908  
Stolen Sweets Nash 1908  
The Woman in the Way Nash 1908  
The Red Room Cassell 1909  
The House of Whispers Nash 1909  
Fatal Thirteen Paul 1909  
Treasure of Israel Nash 1910  
Lying Lips Stanley 1910  
The Unknown Tomorrow White 1910  
Hushed Up Nash 1911  
The Money-Spider Cassell 1911  
The Death Doctor Blackett 1912  
Fatal Fingers Cassell 1912  
The Mystery of Nine Nash 1912  
Without Trace Ditto 1912  
The Price of Power Hurst 1913  
The Room of Secrets Ward 1913  
The Lost Million Nash 1913  
The White Lie Lock 1914  
Sons of Satan White 1914  
The Hand of Allah Cassell 1914  
Her Royal Highness H&S 1914  
The Maker of Secrets Ward 1914  
The Four Faces Paul 1914  
The Double Shadow H&S 1915  
At the Sign of the Sword Jack 1915  
The Mysterious Three Ward 1915  
The Mystery of the Green Ray Hodder 1915  
The Sign of Silence Ward 1915  
The White Glove Nash 1915  
The Zeppelin Destroyer Hodder 1916  
Number 70, Berlin Hodder 1916  
The Place of Dragons Ward 1916  
The Spy Hunter Pearson 1916  
The Man about Town Long 1916  
Annette of the Argonne Blackett 1916  
The Broken Thread Lock 1916  
Behind the German Lines Mail 1917  
The Breath of Suspicion Long 1917  
The Devil's Carnival Blackett 1917  
No Greater Love Lock 1917  
Two in a Tangle Hodder 1917  
Rasputin, The Rascal Monk Blackett 1917  
The Yellow Ribbon Hodder 1918  
The Secret Life of the Ex-Tsaritza Odhams 1918  
The Sister Disciple Blackett 1918  
The Stolen Statesman Skeffington 1918  
The Little Blue Goddess Ward 1918  
The Minister of Evil CFassell 1918  
Bolo The Super-Spy Odhams 1918  
The Catspaw Lloyds 1918  
Cipher Six. Hodder 1919  
The Doctor of Pimlico Cassell 1919  
The Forbidden Word Odhams 1919  
The King's Incognito Odhams 1919  
The Lure of Love Lock 1919  
Rasputinism in London Cassell 1919  
The Secret Shame of the Kaiser Blackett 1919  
Secrets of the White Tsar Odhams 1919  
The Heart of a Princess Ward 1920  
The Intriguers H&S 1920  
No 7 Saville Square Ward 1920  
The Red Widow Cassell 1920  
The Terror of the Air Lloyd's 1920  
Whither Thou Goest Lloyd's 1920  
This House to Let H&S 1921  
The Lady-in-Waiting Ward 1921  
The Open Verdict H&S 1921  
The Power of the Borgias Odhams 1921  
Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo Cassell 1921  
The Fifth Finger Paul 1921  
The Golden Face Cassell 1922  
The Stretton Street Affair Cassell 1922  
Three Knots Ward 1922  
The Voice from the Void Cassell 1922  
The Young Archduchess Ward 1922  
Where the Desert Ends Cassell 1923  
The Bronze Face Lock 1923  
The Crystal Claw H&S 1924  
Fine Feathers Stanley 1924  
A Woman's Debt Lock 1924  
The Broadcast Mystery Holden 1925 DW 7/6. Published Dec 24
The Marked Man Lock 1925 Jan 25. DW 7/6
The Valrose Mystery Lock 1925 Sept 25. DW 7/6
The Blue Bungalow Hurst 1925 DW 7/6. Published Jan 26
The Fatal Face Hurst 1926 Mar 26. DW 7/6
Hidden Hands H&S 1926 Jun 26. DW 7/6
The Black Owl Lock 1926 June 26. DW 7/6
Hushed Up ! Nash 1927 July 26. DW 2/6
The Letter E Cassell 1926 Aug 26. DW 7/6
The Mystery of Mademoiselle H&S 1926 Oct 26. DW 7/6
The Scarlet Sign Lock 1926 Oct 26. DW 7/6
Blackmailed Grayson 1927 Jan 27. DW 7/6
The Office Secret Lock 1927 Sept 27. DW 7/6
The House of Evil Lock 1927 Mar 27. DW 7/6
The Chameleon H&S 1927 May 27. DW 7/6
Double Nought H&S 1927 Sept 27. DW 7/6
The Lawless Hand Hurst 1927 Oct 27. DW 7/6
The Rat Trap Ward 1928 Mar 28. DW 7/6
Concerning This Woman Newnes 1928 May 28. DW 1/-
Twice Tried Hurst 1928 June 28. DW 7/6
The Secret Formula Lock 1928 Sept 28. DW 7/6
The Sting H&S 1928 Not in the ECB
The Amazing Count Lock 1929 Oct 29. DW 7/6
The Golden Three Lock 1930 May 29. DW 7/6
The Crinkled Crown Lock 1929 Apr 29. DW 7/6

Short Stories by William Le Quex

Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Strange Tales of a Nihilist Ward 1892  
Stolen Souls Ward 1895  
Secrets of Monte Carlo Tower 1899  
Secrets of the Foreign Office Hutchinson 1903  
Confessions of a Ladies' Man Hutchinson 1905  
The Count's Chauffeur Nash 1907  
The Lady in the Car Nash 1908  
Spies of the Kaiser Hurst 1909  
Revelations of the Secret Service White 1911  
The Indiscretions of a Lady's Maid Nash 1911  
Mysteries Ward 1913  
The German Spy Newnes 1914  
Cinders of Harley Street Ward 1916  
The Bomb-Makers Jarrolds 1917  
Beryl of the Biplane Pearson 1917  
Hushed Up at German Headquarters Mail 1917  
The Rainbow Mystery H&S 1917  
The Scandal-Monger Ward 1917  
The Secrets of Potsdam Daily Mail 1917  
More Secrets of Potsdam Daily Mail 1917  
Further Secrets of Potsdam Daily Mail 1917  
Donovan of Whitehall Pearson 1917  
Sant of the Secret Service Odhams 1918  
The Hotel X Ward 1919  
Mysteries of the Great City H&S 1919  
In Secret Odhams 1920  
The Secret Telephone Jarrolds 1921 US precedes
Society Intrigues I Have Known Odhams 1920  
The Luck of the Secret Service Pearson 1921  
The Elusive Four Cassell 1921  
Tracked by Wireless Paul 1922  
The Gay Triangle Jarrolds 1922  
Bleke, The Butler Jarrolds 1923  
The Crimes Club Grayson 1927 ECB lists as populer ed 3/6
The Peril of Helen Marklove Jarrolds 1928 June 28. Price 6/-
The Factotum and Other Stories Ward 1931 Feb 31. DW 7/6

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Further Information
William Le Queux, born 2 July 1864 to 13 October 1927, wrote an awful lot of books, as my fingers can attest to. This blurb will be filled out when I regain the will to live!.


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