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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Price of Exile First Novel 1922  
Syncopated Love Jarrolds 1930 ECB states actual release Sept 29. DW 7/6
Murder at Covent Garden Jarrolds 1930 Oct 30. DW 7/6
The Adventures of Red Head of the Red Sea Jarrolds 1933 DW 7/6
The Four Brains Eldon 1934 DW 7/6
Gipsy in Evening Dress Eldon 1935 Sept 35. DW 7/6
Red Mask Hamilton 1935 ECB lists only 'cheap ed' 3/6. Oct 35
The Exploits of Jonathan Jow Pearson 1936 6d
Red Sea Spy Jarrolds 1936 Sept 36. DW 7/6
Murder at Full Moon Eldon 1937 Mar 37. DW 7/6
Queer Mr Quell Hodder 1937 June 37. DW 7/6

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Further Information
WJ Makin, born 1894 to 1944, had two main series characters, Detective Inspector Evans and Detective Inspector Graves. There were three movies made from either his books or a screenplay.


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