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This William James Elliott bibliography or checklist features only the mystery titles by the author.
At present we cannot guarantee the chronology when more than one book was published in the same year.
The author also wrote Romances but these are not included here. There are some cross-over styles described by his publisher as
Romantic Thrillers etc these are included
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Wolf of Corsica Mellifont 1932  
The Yellow Fiend Mellifont 1932  
False Pretenses Mellifont 1934  
The Silver Panther Gramol 1934  
The Suicide Circle Gramol 1934  
Footprints in the Sand Eldon 1937  
And Worms Have Eaten Them Gerald Swan 1940  
The Demon of Desire Gerald Swan 1940  
Freak Racket Gerald Swan 1941  
Lost Souls in Bohemia Gerald Swan 1941  
Tough Ghosts Gerald Swan 1941  
Bren Hardy, Tough Dame. Gerald Swan 1942  
Dope Devils Gerald Swan 1942  
Silk! Gerald Swan 1942  
Snatched Dame Gerald Swan 1942  
Triggers Are Trumps Gerald Swan 1942 Red cloth, gilt titles
Shot-Silk Gerald Swan 1943 Red cloth, black titles. Jacket 5/-
Mystery of Me Gerald Swan 1944  
Bren Hardy Again Gerald Swan 1945  
Gunning in England Gerald Swan 1946  
Kissed Corpse Gerald Swan 1946  
The Running Killer Gerald Swan 1946  
Sheer Silk Gerald Swan 1946  
Spun Silk Gerald Swan 1947 Blue cloth, gilt spine, blind stamp front
Dust jacket priced 5/- net
£1,000,000 Gerald Swan 1949  

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Further Information - William J Elliott Biography
William J Elliott was born 1886 and had the following series characters: Anthony England, Royston Frere, Ed Gunning and Bren Hardy. We should like more information on this author, if you are a family member and would like to help please do get in touch - thank you.

Sample from Shot Silk

Almost everyone to-day knows what is meant when they hear or read any reference to "the Underworld." They know it for that strata of society wherein move and have their being, murderers, thieves, swindlers, courtesans, and all those pests and parasites who, by dishonest means, live and batten upon the rest of society. Most people are also aware that the Underworld, like the upper one, has its clearly denned social distinctions (thus the killer does not usually associate with the mere burglar, or the burglar with the sneak-thief—just as his Lordship does not associate with his butler, or his butler with the fellow who cleans the windows) and also that it is more or less national—that the Underworld of Paris, for instance, differs in many respects from that of London, and the Underworld of New York is different from either of them. But what a great many people are not, perhaps, aware of is that behind (or beneath ?) the ordinary Underworlds, there exists what one might describe as a tower-Underworld, which is international and which comprises only one class of individual. The inhabitants of this lower Underworld are comparatively few in number, but these few are infinitely dangerous to society. For they are the super-criminals—the King-pins of villainy. The men who finance, and frequently organise, the greater and more commercialised criminal avenues, such as the dope and the white-slave traffics, organised blackmail, and so on. And the trouble is that these individuals, responsible as they are for so much sin and misery, are very, very rarely called upon to pay socially for their crimes. They are far too clever for that!

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