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William Fuller Series Character: Brad Dolan

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

William Fuller Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Goat Island Dell 1954 Reissued in 1959 by Dell as
Local Talent. A Florida based story
Back Country Dell 1954 Cover artwork by Stanley Borack
Book set in Florida
"Literate hard-paced violence"
Pace that Kills Dell 1956 Cover art by Mitchell Hooks
2nd printing cover art by Tom Miller
Florida, a woman & an all night juke joint
Girl in the Frame Dell 1957 Cover artist Victor Kalin
Four Square 1967
Brad Dolan's Blonde Cargo Dell 1957 "$1,000 to take a beautiful woman to Miami on his boat"
Brad Dolan's Miami Manhunt Dell 1958 Not showing in Library of Congress
World Distributors 1959
Book set in Miami
Tight Squeeze Dell 1959 World Distributors 1960
Book set in Cuba, "A blonde honey named Shelia"

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William Fuller Author Biography - Information About the Author
William Fuller, born 1913 re American Library of Congress, is an author listed in Hubin's crime fiction guide.
The chronology of books published in the same year is as displayed by the US LoC.
The books are all paperback originals (PBO).
The books are readily available from online sellers and are modestly priced

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