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Patricia Wentworth

Miss Silver Intervenes

Hodder 1944
Jacket design unattributed

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Patricia Wentworth

Thus, starting at the door with Sergeant Abbott, the names run as follows. On the right-hand side of the room—Mr. Drake, Mrs. Willard, Mr. Willard, Chief Inspector Lamb, Meade Underwood, Agnes Lemming, Mrs. Lemming. Across the hearth— Mrs. Underwood, then the couch with Miss Silver and Miss Crane. And lastly, Giles Armitage. Sergeant Abbott shut the door. . . . Actually, he was conscious of some excitement. Was Maudie going to land them in a fiasco, or were they going to bring off something big ? He had a tingling in his bones which he did not remember to have experienced over a case before. He looked at the quiet, ordinary people sitting round the room and wondered at himself. He looked at Miss Maud Silver and wondered at her, a quiet, ordinary spinster, only a bit of Highland tartan between them and the stain made by the blood of a murdered chorus girl—murdered in this room, and perhaps by one of these very ordinary people. Fantastic, but—well, here they were. Ring up the curtain ! '

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