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Patricia Wentworth

Pilgrim's Rest

Hodder & Stoughton 1948
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Patricia Wentworth

JUDY ELLIOT stepped off the moving staircase at Piccadilly Circus, and felt a hand under her elbow. As it was undoubtedly a male hand and she was not prepared to be picked up by something in the lonely soldier line, she first quickened her pace, and when that didn't seem to be any good whisked round with a few refrigerated words upon her tongue. They never got said. The keep-your-distance look melted into one of pleased recognition. She tilted her chin, gazed up at a tall young man in a dark blue suit and a discreetly chosen tie, and exclaimed, "Frank!" Detective Sergeant Abbott gave a poor imitation of his usual rather cynical smile. He was in fact considerably handicapped by the behaviour of his heart, a perfectly sound organ but responding at the moment to a quite uncalled for access of emotion.

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