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Anthony Webb

Mr Pendlebury Makes a Catch

Harrap 1939
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Cricket Mysteries

IN a recent article Sir Hugh Wafpole wrote; "Do you know Mr Pendle-bury, who is first cousin to Mr Penny and brother to Richard Goolden ? All the same he is someone all himself. There are four 'Pendlebury1 Books, Try them, Mr Webb has the advantage over ali the thriller writers I know, except Dorothy Sayers and Anthony Berkeley, in that his characters are live human beings—are, In fact, more Interesting than the detection, although that Is most ingenious and surprising." (Incidentally, Anthony Berkeley in John o' London's said, " Mr Webb and Mr Pendtebury make an admirable combination.") With four successes behind him Anthony Webb's endearing old character now shows his talents again, From the moment when tragedy brings a country-house cricket match to a premature end the complications Increase. A second and third death follow, but the possible suspects are ruled out one by one. Not till deadlock has been reached and Inspector Wagstaffe Is doubtful of being able to identify the criminal does Mr Pendlebury come to the rescue and, with his untiring curiosity and his knack of making important deductions from seemingly trifling facts, solve as puzzling a mystery as has yet confronted him

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