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Thurman Warriner

The Doors of Sleep

Published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1955
Dustwrapper artist: Sadly, Unknown

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Thurman Warriner - The Doors of Sleep

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Synopsis of Thurman Warriner's - The Doors of Sleep
The Archdeacon was Worried

The Slumbers, an idyllic group of villages nestling in a wooded valley, where he was to preach at the Harvest Festival,, were delightful ; Vinery Court, where he was to stay, offered all the attractions of the well-run manor house. But about Charlesworth Vinery, his host, there was something unmistakably evil.
A macabre murder makes the fourth case for those unorthodox detectives,

Mr Ambro, Scotter and the Archdeacon

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