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RAJ Walling

The Five Suspects

Hodder & Stoughton 1935

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Family lawyers sometimes hold strange, dark secrets. Mr. Spink, of Spink and Spink, is a courtly gentleman of the old school, and Mr. Spink disappears from his office in a Georgian dwelling-house, in Broad Street, Farchester, on a dark, wet Saturday night. Lawyers' clerks do not work on Saturday evenings. Behind Mr. Spink's office there is an unlit canal bank. Mr. Tolefree is taking a walk along the towpath after breakfast on the following Monday morning, and is able to call the attention of some men to a hat and umbrella. A dastardly crime has been committed—the local police get busy—and Mr. Tolefree's active mind is never still. But there are so many baffling features in this case that it seems almost impossible to track down the criminal. The stage is finely set for the denouement, and any readers who may have by this time guessed the name of the guilty person may congratulate themselves on their astuteness, for the secret has been well kept by Mr. Walling.

RAJ Walling


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