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Wade Wright Series Characters: Bart Condor and Paul Cameron

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Suddenly You're Dead Robert Hale 1964
Blood in the Ashes Robert Hale 1964
A Hearse Waiting Robert Hale 1965
Until She Dies Robert Hale 1965 Dust jacket priced 13/6
Blonde Target Robert Hale 1966
Shadows Don't Bleed Robert Hale 1967
The Sharp Edge Robert Hale 1968
No Haloes in Hell Robert Hale 1969
Two Faces of Death Robert Hale 1970
The Hades Hello Robert Hale 1973
Don't Come Back Robert Hale 1973
It Leads to Murder Robert Hale 1981
Death at Nostalgia Street Robert Hale 1982
The Girl from Yesterday Robert Hale 1982 Last book according to British Library

Wade Wright Biography - Information About the Author
Wade Wright, born 1933 re British Library, is a pseudonym of John Wright.
As far as I'm aware none of the books above were published in America, unusually though they do appear to have been translated into German and published in paperback format there!.
Collectors will face the usual problem with this publisher, that being small print runs most of which went to public libraries.
Nice copies in dustwrappers can be found though with prices not too prohibitive.
Readers are ill-served I'm afraid as I don't believe they were issued in paperback or reprinted so first editions only . . .
There does appear to be a more modern author using the name Wade Wright but writing very much different content


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