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Henry Wade

Released for Death

Constable 1937

A PC John Bragg mystery

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Two men in the great convict prison of Hadestone are approaching 'the end of their five-year sentences for burglary and assault. One, James Carson, is a well-educated man of brutal character; the other, Toddy Shaw, a cheerful cockney who, though hot-tempered, had regarded burglary as a sport, "Trouble" arises in the prison and both Shaw and Carson are involved in it, with varying effect upon their fortunes. In due course both men are released, but the "trouble" is not at an end; it carries death and disaster into other lives than theirs. This is a crime story told largely from the point of view of the criminal, but there is detection in it also, and we meet again a police character whom Henry Wade's public have recently had cause to welcome.

Henry Wade


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