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Henry Wade

The Litmore Snatch

Constable 1957

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Henry Wade

Harborough is a large industrial and dockyard town on the north-east coast of England. An influential local paper starts a campaign against Fun-Fairs, of which there are two or three in the city, of varied respectability. The proprietor of the aggressive newspaper, Mr. Herbert Litmore a prominent and highly reputed citizen receives two anonymous threatening letters which he takes to his friend the Chief Constable. Hot on the heels of the second letter conies the news that Litmore's son, a boy of twelve, has been kidnapped on his way home from a boxing-competition at the City Youth Club. A further letter to Litmore follows immediately demanding 10,000 to be paid according to instructions still to be given. The Litmore Snatch is not a murder book. It is a complex and skilfully handled crime story, in which the crime is less important than the criminal and the criminal than his pursuers. The tale gives Henry Wade full scope for depiction of police psychology and methods, and for vivid presentation of life and manners in a big provincial town.

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