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Henry Wade

Gold was Our Grave

Constable 1954
Artwork by Chadwick

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Henry Wade    

WHEN Mr. Hector Berrenton, of Dabridge Manor} returned home after a spell in hospital following a serious motor-car accident, he found waiting for him a letter which was short, sharp and to the point. 1SAN PQDINO; it ran, 'THIS. IS YOURS. FALLON NEXT. The North Sussex police, having discovered that the steering track rod of Berrenton's car was detached from the off-fore wheel, suspected foul play; and the anonymous note led them to consult Scotland Yard. The Yard has a long memory, and the Department which deals with fraud recalled that three years earlier Berrenton and his partner, Jocelyn Fallen, had been charged with circulating a prospectus inviting subscriptions to an issue of stock in the San Podino Gold Company, well knowing that prospectus to be false. The two men had been acquitted; but it was a close thing and certain members of the public had suffered grievous financial loss. Chief Inspector John Poole is put in charge of the enquiry into Berrenton's 'accident'; and, as the shadow of a Bolivian gold mine falls across Berrenton's Sussex home and London office, the investigation switches to a clear case of murder. As always, Henry Wade—pre-eminent among detective story writers for his expert knowledge of police practice and procedure-gives his readers a first-rate run for their money.

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