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Henry Wade

Be Kind to the Killer

Constable 1952

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Henry Wade

Henry Wade, long known as an excellent writer of what the French call romans paliciers—crime novels which lay stress on the methods and limitations of police procedure has written his greatest novel hitherto. Be Kind to the Killer has a scope and straightforward impressiveness which raises it from the level of a who-dun-it into the class of outstanding fiction in its own right. One sentence in the book sums up the deceptive simplicity of this remarkable work, and reveals the complex difficulties and mutual rivalries which confront the chiefs of Scotland Yard : "Building up the case against the murderer of Det. Constable Jordan appeared to the public almost too simple to be true. No clever deductions, no falling into well-laid traps. The results were obtained by normal methodical police work carried out with thoroughness and skill."

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