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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Doctor Deals with Murder Melrose 1944  
Death Wears a Silk Stocking Ditto 1945  
Mystery on the Clyde Ditto 1945  
Murder at Marks Caris Ditto 1945  
Death Beckons Quietly Ditto 1946  
Killer Keep Ditto 1946  
Straight Ahead for Danger Ditto 1946  
The Tiled House Mystery Ditto 1947  
The Blackbird Sings of Murder Ditto 1948  
The Puppets of Father Bouvard Ditto 1948  
The Cult of the Queer People Melrose 1949  
The Brothers of Judgement Ditto 1950  
The Black Mitre Ditto 1951  
The Company of Sinners Ditto 1951  
The Blood Red Leaf Ditto 1952  
Death Comes to Lady's Steps Melrose 1952  
The Deathmaster Rich 1953  
Death Stands round the Corner Cowan 1955  
A Knife in the Night Ditto 1955  
Pennies for His Eyes Ditto 1956  
Murder Calls the Tune John Long 1957  
The Joker Deals with Death Ditto 1958  
The Murder Man Ditto 1959  
The Whispering Man Ditto 1959  
The Hooded Man Ditto 1960  
The House in Spite Street John Long 1961  
The Vengeance of Mortimer Daly Ward Lock 1961 as Martin Locke
The Night of the Storm Jenkins 1961 as John Dallas
The Nighthawk John Long 1962  
Redfingers Ditto 1962  
The Crime Master Ditto 1963  
Meet the Dreamer Ditto 1963 Black cloth, white and yellow titles. DJ 12/6
The Green Knight Ditto 1963  
The Hour of the Bishop Ditto 1964  
The House of Wailing Winds John Long 1965  
Again the Dreamer Ditto 1965  
Presenting the Dreamer Ditto 1966  
Case for the Dreamer Ditto 1966  
The Council of Comforters John Long 1967  
Problem for the Dreamer Ditto 1967  
Salute the Dreamer Ditto 1968  
The Dreamer Intervenes Ditto 1968  
Cord for a Killer Ditto 1969  
Challenge for the Dreamer Ditto 1969  
The Green Triangle Ditto 1969  
The Dreamer Deals with Murder John Long 1970  
The Whisperer Ditto 1970  
Detail for the Dreamer Ditto 1971  
The Breath of Murder Ditto 1972  
The Dreamer at Large Ditto 1972  
The Big Timer John Long 1973  
Red Ice Robert Hale 1973 as John Dallas
Prey for the Dreamer John Long 1974  
Death and Mr Gilly Ditto 1974  
Laurels for the Dreamer Ditto 1975  
Murder of a Cop John Long 1976  

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Further Information
Duncan W Murdoch, born 18 November 1909 to 1975 had the following series characters: The Dreamer, Superintendent Gaylord, Mr Gilly, Greensleeves, Laurie Hume, Superintendent Leslie and Superintendent Macneill.

We are greatly indebted to journalist and editor Hal Sullivan, a good friend of the authors for the following information

Willie Duncan was a marvellous friend and an inspiration

Willie and Marion Duncan lived at Loup Cottage, near Tarbert, Argyll, Scotland.


I think Willie sent his manuscripts to a lady in Wales for typewriting; then looked the result over and once or twice a year (reluctantly) went to London with half a dozen or so novels. 

His publisher at John Long, Gerry Austin, also became an acquaintance of mine and he said that Willieís true heyday was in the time of Boots The Chemistís libraries and such; but he was always popular, regardless. 


The author sadly died of cancer on April 19th of 1975

See Also the Pseudonyms
John Cassells
Neill Graham
Peter Malloch
Lovat Marshall  

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