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Virginia Perdue Bibliography

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This bibliography contains Virginia Perdue's mystery books
American editions precede their British counterparts
Main series character: Eleanora Burke
We are always interesting in buying pre 1942 books, UK first editions in dust jacket
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Title Published By Date Issue Points - Notes
The Case of the Grieving Monkey Doubleday 1941  
The Singing Clock Doubleday 1941 UK: 1945 Jarrolds
The Case of the Foster Father Doubleday 1942 UK: 1946 Jarrolds
He Fell Down dead Doubleday 1943 UK: 1944 Jarrolds
Alarum and Execution Doubleday 1944 UK: 1947 Jarrolds

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Virginia Perdue Biography - Further Information
Virginia Perdue was born 1899 and died 1945. Although a short catalogue of work she is collected and the books well thought of by those who know them. UK editions are uncommon with desirability helped by wonderful jacket artwork

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