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Victor Norwood Series Character: Jacare

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Temple of the Dead Scion 1951
The Skull of Kanaima scion 1951 Hubin calls for 1952
The Untamed Scion 1951
Five-Pont Law Scion 1952 A Western
The Island of Creeping Death Scion 1952
Cry of the Beast Scion 1953 Hubin says 1952, Oxford University disagrees
Gun Trail to Glory Arthur Barker 1954
Dead Men's Diggings George Newnes 1955 The Wide World : The Magazine for Men
Man Alone ! TV Boardman 1956 Adventures in the jungles of British Guiana and Brazil
With photos. by the author.
Reprinted by Transworld in 1958
Chango Arthur Barker 1956
Treasure Story Book for Boys Beaver Books 1957 The Bumper Book Series 10
We Drove for the Devil's Diamonds Fawcett Publications 1958 Cavalier Magazine
A Hand Full of Diamonds TV Boardman 1960 Adventures and experiences in the jungles and diamond
fields of Guiana and Brazil
Night of the Black Horror John Spencer 1962 Dust jacket artwork by Fox
The Hellbender Robert Hale 1963
Jungle Life in Guiana Robert Hale 1964 Illustrated [with plates] and with map
Guests of the Head-Shrinkers Wide World Magazine 1964 Original article from the Wide World Magazine
Den of Scorpions Wide World Magazine 1964 Original article from the Wide World Magazine
Drums Along the Amazon Robert Hale 1964 With plates
Lawman's Code Robert Hale 1965
Journey of Fear Robert Hale 1965
Gun Trail to Glory Robert Hale 1966
Gunsmoke Justice Robert Hale 1966
Powdersmoke Robert Hale 1966
Blood on the Sage Robert Hale 1966
The Long Haul Robert Hale 1967
Valley of the Damned Robert Hale 1968
Hell Town Robert Hale 1970

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Victor Norwood Author Biography - Information About the Author
Victor Norwood, full name Victor George Charles Norwood, wrote under many pseudonyms including Hank Janson and Nat Karta amongst others.
Norwood is listed in Hubin but we've included all the books held in the British Library and Oxford. The later books being mostly Cowboy / Western novels. The earliest books are pulp paperbacks and very scarce.

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