Crime Fiction

Roy Vickers

Murdering Mr Velfrage

Faber 1950
Jacket design unknown

We interested in buying pre 1941 UK first editions in jacket
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There was no nonsense, Miss Parker had years ago decided, about Bruce Habershon, At twenty-seven he was nearly everything he appeared to be. Intelligent without being intellectual, confident without over-fancying himself, good looking without knowing it—the sort of man, she freely admitted, she would have chosen for herself twenty years ago. As it was, she was content to be his secretary and unofficial aunt. She had been with the firm of shipping agents all her life, and knew that Bruce was a better man of affairs than his father had been. At four o'clock on a January afternoon she came with a special letter for immediate dispatch. Bruce Habershon read the first few lines, re-read them without understanding. The lines showed a tendency to curve and sway. "Mr. Bruce!" Miss Parker still called him that, though his father had been dead four years. "You had better go home to bed at once. Hot lemon and aspirins. Don't put whisky in the lemon—I think you have a temperature already. Alcohol would be definitely dangerous."

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