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Robert Verron

Murder of No Consequence

Published by Wright & Brown in 1960
Dust Jacket Artist Unknown

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Robert Verron - Murder of No Consequence

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Synopsis of Murder of No Consequence by Robert Verron
For twenty-five years, the Womack Estate Development Company had survived and prospered despite the enmity which existed between the two Directors, Harold Dearden and David Harrison.

When Dearden's motor launch, Freeman, the new Work's Manager, and Harrison himself disappeared, no one seriously believed the three events to be connected. Certainly not the bitter, frustrated Staff who held both Directors in open contempt.

When Harrison failed to return from his holiday cruise, it was cynically speculated that he'd got wise at last to his faithless wife, and decided to cut loose from her. And when Freeman, whose whole future depended on making a success of the job, didn't report to take over his duties as Work's Manager, it was facetiously suggested that Mason, his sacked rival, had probably 'done him in' for taking his job. The launch was dismissed as an insurance swindle!

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