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Roland Vane

Sinful Sisters

Archer 1950
Jacket design Heade

We interested in buying pre 1940 UK first editions in jacket
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Reginald Heade

THERE'S a telegram for you, Lorna. The boy's waiting to see if there is an _,nswer." June Delaine bent over the bed and shook her elder sister, Lorna, into wakefulness, holding out the telegram -which had just been delivered. Lorna yawned, and shook her hend sleepily. She had had a late night the previous evening, and she was feeling anything but bright that morning. She was beginning to realise that she might, perhaps have had just a few too many drinks than were good for her. "Oh, why can't you let me sleep?" she snapped irritably. "I feel like nothing on earth, and I haven't to be at the office this morning." "But this might be urgent, Lorna," said June, indicating the-telegram. "It's addressed to your personally," "Oh, let me see it," Lorna snapped out ungraciously, almost snatching the sealed envelope from her sister's hand. She tore it open viciously, and read the words within. "Oh, hell!" she snapped. "This would come today, of all days." She looked up. Jims was looking down at her, slightly puzz-led at her sister's annoyance. "Tell the boy there's no answer," she snapped.

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