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Valentine Williams

The Clue of the Rising Moon

Hodder & Stoughton 1935
Jacket artwork by TK

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IT was Victor's doing entirely, but, needless to say, he had to blame it on his wife. We had set out for an afternoon ride, just the four of us—Graziella and Victor, Sara Carruthers and I —two miles out from camp over a nice, broad trail to where the State highway curved round the Lumsden property. There, instead of turning homeward by the bridle-path along the lake, Victor insisted on going on. He was " hog fat," he protested—he must absolutely have a good work-out. Once across the concrete, he took the first trail at hazard, and almost immediately broke into a trot, the three of us clippety-clop-ping behind, Sara on " Andy," I on " Jester " and Graziella on " Firefly," Charles Lumsden's own mount, a lovely chestnut mare which he would allow nobody but Graziella to ride. "Black Prince," Victor's horse, soon drew ahead. Suddenly I saw " Black Prince" go straight up in the air. At the same instant " Andy " shied and Sara sailed over his shoulder. She landed on her knees, but was on her feet at once. " Jester " stood as steady as a police

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