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Stuart Towne aka Clayton Rawson

Death Out of Thin Air

Cassell 1947
Jacket design unattributed

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Stuart Towne

The two mystery stories in this book introduce an amazing set of characters. Diavolo, the magician, twice suspect by the literal-minded Inspector Church of murder, who by his tricks and cunning solves the crime himself; the blonde twins, Mickey and Pat Collins, who are sawn in two, transfixed with swords, and completely vanish twice a day, in Diavolo's music-hall act; Woody Haines, Broadway journalist; the Horseshoe Kid, a professional gambler; a midget; a vampire bat and The Man Who Could Not Be Seen. All readers of crime fiction will be enthralled by this fast-moving thriller, in its setting of glamour and glitter, even if their minds are well schooled in the art and principles of fictional crime and detection.

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