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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Blessing Way Macmillan 1970
Fly on the Wall Harper 1971 US only
Dance Hall of the Dead Harper 1973 US only
Listening Woman Macmillan 1979
People of  Darkness Gollancz 1982
The Dark Wind Gollancz 1983
The Ghostway Gollancz 1985
Skinwalkers Michael Joseph 1988
A Thief of Time Michael Joseph 1989
Talking God Michael Joseph 1990
Coyote Waits Michael Joseph 1991
Sacred Clowns Michael Joseph 1993

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Tony Hillerman Biography - Further Information
Tony Hillerman was born in Oklahoma 27 May 1925 where he was educated to University level. He served in the US army, with great distinction, during World War II. He was awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. Leaving the army he turned to journalism where he once again flourished, winning several professional awards. 1970 saw the publication of his first novel. The books have received both critical and commercial success. He is more popular, with both collectors and readers, in America than in Britain. In all cases, the US editions precede their English counterparts.


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