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Todd Downing Series Character: Hugh Rennert - Peter Bounty

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder on Tour Putnam 1933
The Cat Screams Doubleday Crime Club 1934 UK: Methuen 1935
Reprinted Popular Library Paperback 1945
1945 Cover artwork by H. Lawrence Hoffman
Hugh Rennert of the U.S. Customs Service
Murder on the Tropic Doubleday Crime Club 1935 Reissued by The Sun Dial Press (1935) UK: Methuen 1936
Rennert goes to Mexico to deliver 126 post cards!
Vultures in the Sky Doubleday 1935 UK: Methuen 1936
Train based mystery book set in Mexico
The Case of the Unconquered Sisters Doubleday 1936 UK: Methuen 1937
Night Over Mexico Doubleday Crime Club 1937 UK: Methuen 1938
The Last Trumpet Doubleday Doran 1937 UK: Methuen 1938
Murder in a Mexican Bull Ring
Death Under the Moonflower Doubleday Crime Club 1938
The Mexican Earth Doubleday 1940 Not in Hubin, non-fiction book
The Lazy Lawrence Murders Doubleday Crime Club 1941 A railway murder mystery

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Todd Downing Author Biography - Information About the Author
Todd (George) Downing was born in 1902 and is a Hubin listed Native American author.
These books are rare and collectable, especially difficult to find in dust jacket, expect prices to reflect this.
The British books are rarer than the American editions due to much smaller print runs but their collectability makes tham both rare.
Todd Downing enjoys a greater following amongst US book collectors and readers, less interest in Britain.
The author's heritage and unique take adds greatly to the collectability of the books.
The books have been reissued in paperback in the last few years.

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