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Thomas Burke Bibliography

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Thomas Burke
Series Character: Quong Lee

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Limehouse Nights Grant Richards 1916 US: 1917 McBride
Broken Blossoms Grant Richards 1920
In Chinatown Grant Richards 1921 Dust jacket by Ernest Aker
Whispering Windows Grant Richards 1921 US: 1921 Doran as
More Limehouse Nights
East of Mansion House Cassell 1928 Dust jacket 7/6. US precedes
The Bloomsbury Wonder Mandrake 1929 Dust jacket 3/6.
The Pleasantries of Old Quong Constable 1931 Dust jacket 7/6.
US: 1931 Little Brown as
A tea Shop in Limehouse
Night Pieces Constable 1935 Dust jacket 7/6. Artwork by Hookway Cowles
US: 1936 Appleton
Murder at Elstree Longmans 1936 Dust jacket 6/-.
Abduction Herbert Jenkins 1939 Dust jacket 7/6.
Dark Nights Herbert Jenkins 1944 DJ artwork by Alex Jardine

Dust Jacket Artist: Alex Jardine

Thomas Burke Biography
Thomas Burke was born in England in 1886 and passed away in 1945. He was of course best known for the Limehouse short stories based in Chinatown. Although he did write many other books, we have, given the nature of the site, confined ourselves solely to his mystery fiction work. His series character was Quong Lee, who appeared in the Limehouse tales. His work had a complicated publishing history, with continual publisher changes, alternative titles and reissues. He remains a hugely important figure in the history of the genre and, in particular, his story The Hands of Mr Ottermole is regarded as an absolutely classic piece of mystery writing. He is also featured in the lists Haycraft Queen Cornerstones and Queen's Quorum.

Synopsis from Dark Night
THOMAS BURKE'S Limehouse stories, from Limehouse Nights onwards, are world famous. That his stories remain absolutely unique is proved by this latest volume in which, against the fascinating background of Limehouse and the Thames waterfront, are depicted the comedy, tragedy, romance, poverty and sometimes harsh realism of a colourful, cosmopolitan population. Of this volume might be said the same that Truth wrote of Abduction: "All the 'qualities for which he is famous are here as marked as ever—an intense sense of the genuine, dramatic, swift and vivid drawing of character, biting phrases and poetic paragraphs. The author has probably not written a line which has not been first well considered and then brilliantly executed."

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