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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Hue and Cry Jefferson 1944 Not in the ECB
As Good as Dead Jefferson 1946  
Draw the Curtain Close Jefferson 1947 as Dame in Danger
Mourning After Mill 1950  
Handle with Fear Mill 1951  
Every Bet's a Sure Thing Schuster 1953  
Kiss Me Hard Popular 1954 as Tom Brandt
Run, Brother, Run! Ditto 1954  
Prey for Me Schuster 1954  
The Mean Streets Ditto 1955  
The Brave, Bad Girls Ditto 1956  
My Love Is Violent Popular 1956  
And Where She Stops Ditto 1957  
You've Got Him Cold Schuster 1958  
The Case of the Chased and the Unchaste Random 1959  
Go to Sleep Jeannie Popular 1959  
The Girl Who Wasn't There Schuster 1960  
Too Hot for Hawaii Pouplar 1960  
The Golden Hooligan Dell 1961  
Hunter at Large Simon 1961  
Go, Honeylou Dell 1962  
How Hard to Kill Schuster 1962  
The Girl with the Sweet Plump Knees Dell 1963  
A Sad Song Singing Schuster 1963  
Don't Cry for Long Simon 1964  
The Girl in the Punchbowl Dell 1964  
Only on Tuesdays Ditto 1964  
Nude in Nevada Ditto 1965  
Can a Mermaid Kill ? Tower 1965  
Portrait of a Dead Heiress Schuster 1965  
Deadline Ditto 1966  
A Season for Violence Fawcett 1966  
Death and Taxes Putnam 1967  
The King-Killers Putnam 1968  
The Love-Death Thing Schuster 1969  
The Taurus Trip Schuster 1970  

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Further Information
Thomas B Dewey, born 6 March 1915, was an American author whose main series characters are Singer Batts, Mac and Pete Schofield. Some of the books were published in England, many on Boardman. The re are some alternative titles, also some alternative American titles on later paperback releases. As well as the mystery fiction listed in this bibliography he also wrote Mountain Girl, as Cord Wainer, several uncollected short stories and some non-fiction.


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