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Terry Harknett Bibliography

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Terry Harknett Series Character: Chief Supt John Crown & Steve Wayne

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Terry Harknett Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Scratch on the Surface Robert Hale 1962 Dust jacket artwork by Blofeld
The Benevolent Blackmailer Robert Hale 1962
Invitation to a Funeral Robert Hale 1963
Dead Little Rich Girl Robert Hale 1963
The Man Who Did Not Die Robert Hale 1964
The Evil Money Robert Hale 1964
Death of an Aunt Hammond 1967 Cloak and dagger mysteries series
The Two-Way Frame Hammond 1967 Dustwrapper artwork by Brian Boyle
The Softcover Kill Robert Hale 1971
Promotion Tour New English Library 1972 Softcover first edition
The Upmarket Affair Robert Hale 1973 A Stephen Wayne mystery
Crown, the Sweet and Sour Kill Futura Publications 1974 Paperback original
American edition: Pinnacle 1974
Crown - Macao Mayhem Futura Publications 1974 Paperback original
Crown - Bamboo Shoot-Out Futura Publications 1975 Paperback original. Set in China

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Terry Harknett Author Biography - Information About the Author
Terry Harknett was born in 1936, he is Hubin listed and also wrote under the following pseudonyms: Joseph Hedges, William Pine, Thomas H. Stone and William Terry.
American books noted when published.
The books are collectable and they should be regarded as rare in collectable condition with dust jacket, the usual British issue that affects lesser known authors is the ex-public library problem, especially Robert Hale.

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