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Ted Willis Bibliography

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Ted Willis Series Character: George Dixon

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Ted Willis Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Youth Appeals to Labour League of Youth 1937
We Can Decide Hannington 1938
Buster Fore Publications 1941 A play in three acts
Fighting Youth of Russia Russia Today 1942
God Bless the Guv'nor New Theatre 1945
The Blue Lamp Convoy 1950 A novel from the film-script
The Lady Purrs Deane 1950 A farcical comedy in three acts
George Comes Home French 1955 A play in one act for women
The Devil's Churchyard Parrish 1957 A new Dixon of Dock Green
Doctor in the House Evand Bros 1957 Play based on novel by R. Gordon
Seven Gates to Nowhere Parrish 1958
Hot Summer Night French 1959
Brothers in Law French 1959 With Henry Cecil
Woman in a Dressing Gown Barrie and Rockliff 1959 And other television plays
Dixon of Dock Green: my life Kimber 1960 With Charles Hatton
The Eyes of Youth Evans 1960 From A Dread of Burning
by Rosemary Timperley.
Flame in the Streets Four Square 1961
The Little Goldmine French 1962 A play in one act
Sergeant Cork's Second Casebook Arrow Books 1966 Stories from the ATV TV show
Dead on Saturday. A new thriller Odanti Script 1970
Whatever Happened to Tom Mix? Cassell 1970
The Adventures of Black Beauty Hamlyn 1972 Developed for television by Ted Willis
Death May Surprise Us Macmillan 1974 US: Putnam 1975 as
Westminster One
The Left-Handed Sleeper Macmillan 1975 US: Putnam 1976
The Churchill Commando Macmillan 1977 US: Morrow 1977
Man-eater Pan Books 1977 Paperback original ?
The Buckingham Palace Connection Macmillan 1978 US: Morrow 1978
The Lions of Judah Macmillan 1979 US: Holt 1980
The Naked Sun Macmillan 1980
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World Macmillan 1982
Spring at the Winged Horse Macmillan 1983 The first season of Rosie Carr
A problem for Mother Christmas Gollancz 1986 Illustrated by Jill Bennett
The Green Leaves of Summer Macmillan 1988 The second season of Rosie Carr
Evening all Macmillan 1991 50 years over a hot typewriter
The Bells of Autumn Macmillan 1991 The third season of Rosie Carr
The Plume of Feathers Macmillan 1993

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Ted Willis Author Biography - Information About the Author
Ted Willis, Edward Henry Willis - later Baron Willis - was born in 1914 and died in 1992.
He is listed in Hubin but this list of books has gone beyond his crime fiction books, we've included everything held in the British Libarary as well as some obscure plays held by the Oxford and Scottish libraries.

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