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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
A Choice of Enemies Davies 1973  
Snowball Davies 1974  
Palomino Blonde Davies 1975 US: Omega Minus
The Special Collection Davies 1975  
Where all the Girls are Sweeter Davies 1975 as Richard Butler
Italian Assets Davies 1975 as Richard Butler
Moscow Quadrille Davies 1976  
The Only Good German Davies 1976  
The Man with the President's Mind Davies 1977  
The Lantern network Davies 1978  
The Alpha List Hart Davis 1979  
Consequence of Fear Hart Davis 1979  
The Twentieth Day of January Granada 1980  
Codeword Cromwell Granada 1980 as Patrick Kelly
The Other Side of Silence Granada 1981  
The Secret Whispers Granada 1981  
The Lonely Margins Granada 1981 as Patrick Kelly
Shadow of Shadows Granada 1982  
All Our Tomorrows Granada 1982  
Pay Any Price Granada 1983  
The Girl from Addis Granada 1984  
The Judas Factor NEL 1984  

Further Information
Ted Allbeury, who also writes under the pseudonyms Richard Butler and Patrick Kelly, was born in England in 1917. His novels are somewhat borderline for this genre, given the heavy leaning towards espionage and intelligence. The author himself was an army intelligence officer during the Second World War. Apart from the first book, UK editions precede the US. The books written under his other pen names appear not to have been published in the USA.


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