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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
The Broken Trust Thomson 1929 Not in English Catalogue of Books
The Ace of Death Stanley Paul 1930 DJ 7/6
The Murder House Ditto 1930 DJ 7/6
Death on Danger Hill Ditto 1931 DJ 7/6
The House in Sinister Lane Ditto 1931 DJ 7/6
The Girl in a Hurry Thomson 1932 Not in the ECB
Haunting Lights Ditto 1932 March 32. DJ 7/6
Shadowed By the CID Stanley Paul 1932 Oct 32. DJ 7/6
Lonely Hollow Mystery Ditto 1933 March 33. DJ 7/6
Alias the Crimson Snake Ditto 1933 Oct 33. DJ 7/6
Creaking Gallows Ditto 1934 Not in ECB
Death Takes a Hand Ditto 1934 July 34. DJ 7/6
Shot at Night Ditto 1934 Nov 34. DJ 7/6
Margaret Benson's View Long 1934 Not in ECB
Frampton of the Yard Stanley Paul 1935 DJ 7/6
Staring Eyes Ditto 1935 Not in ECB
The Dumb Witness Ditto 1936 DJ 7/6
Was the Mayor Murdered ? Ditto 1936 DJ 7/6
The Man They Feared Ditto 1937 Feb 37. DJ 7/6
The Death Symbol Ditto 1937 Aug 37. DJ 7/6
The Man They Put Away Ditto 1938 DJ 7/6
Lying Lips Long 1938 Not in ECB
Cornered Long 1938 Not in ECB
Five Were Murdered Stanley Paul 1938 DJ 7/6
Her Own Affair Long 1939 Not in ECB
Two Men from the East Ditto 1939 March 39. DJ 7/6
The Muse Theatre Murder Stanley Paul 1939 Aug 39. DJ 7/6
Melody of Death Ditto 1940 April 40. DJ 7/6
The Black Ribbon Murders Ditto 1940 Oct 40. DJ 8/6
Crime at Crooked Gables Ditto 1941 Not in ECB
The Fool of the Yard Ditto 1942 Feb 42. DJ 8/6
The Devil's Tea-Party Ditto 1942 Sept 42. DJ 8/6
The Man Who Changed His Face Ditto 1943 DJ 8/6
Murder Limps By Ditto 1943 DJ 8/6
Murder By an Idiot Ditto 1944 DJ 8/6
Simon Takes the Rap Ditto 1944 DJ 8/6
The Man with the Crooked Arm Ditto 1945 April 45. DJ 8/6
The Strangler Ditto 1945 June 45. DJ 8/6
The J for Jennie Murders Ditto 1945 Dec 45. DJ 8/6
Murder in the Village Ditto 1945 Not dated. DJ 9/-.
The Barush Mystery Ditto 1946 Released Jan 47. Jacket 9/6
The Pierced Ear Murders Ditto March 1947 Jacket 9/6
Who Fired the Factory Ditto June 1947 Jacket 9/6
The Silent Four Ditto Oct 1947 Jacket 9/6
Brent of Bleak House Ditto Jan 1948 Jacket 9/6
Hunted Ditto Mar 1948 Jacket 9/6
Strychnine for One Ditto 1949 Not in English Catalogue of Books
Death Haunts the Repertory Ditto 1950 Not listed in ECB
The Yellow Disc Murders Ditto 1950 Not listed in ECB
The Murder of Doctor Grey Ditto 1950 Not listed in ECB
The Death Letter Ditto 1951  
Murder at Marlington Ditto 1951  
Murder Through Room 45 Ditto 1952  
The Starry Eyed Murder Ditto 1952  
Frampton sees Red Ditto 1953  
The Westlade Murders Ditto 1953  
Murder in Windy Coppice Ditto 1954  
A Scream at Midnight Ditto 1954  
The Black Rat Ditto 1955  
Murder in the Surgery Ditto 1955  
Pagan Joe Ditto 1956  
Were Was Trail Murdered Ditto 1956  
Condemned to Live Ditto 1957  
Murder at Lantern Corner Ditto 1957  
The Elusive Killer Ditto 1958  
The Vestry Murder Ditto 1959  
The Hospital Thief Ditto 1959  
The Spider Man Ditto 1961  
Murder at Brownhill Long 1962  

Further Information
T Arthur Plummer is a pseudonym for Michael Sarne whose main series character was Inspector Andrew Frampton. We know little else about this author other than he was clearly prolific and that his books benefited from some superb pictorial artwork. We are always interested in hearing form anyone who can provide some more information about this writer.


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