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Alfred Tack

The Prospect's Dead

Herbert Jenkins [1948]
Jacket Artist: Unknown

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The Prospect's Dead by Alfred Tack

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Synopsis from The Prospect's Dead by Alfred Tack
It was a fight for the existence of Hewden Patents Ltd., which took John Harley to Little Mittering, the centre of activities of a rival company. Also newcomers to this village were glamorous Vanya Darrell, and Fenton Craile, a writer of detective fiction.

Soon the village was seett>-ing with indignation ovc series of robberies canif by the mysterious "Crass-hopper." Harley's chances of success receive a severe setback when, as he is about to beat his rivals to a big order, a murderer strikes his first blow.

The author gives the reader as many clues as he gives to John Harley and Inspector Brough, but challenges the reader to solve the murders, and the identity of the Grasshopper, before the solution is finally revealed. There's punch in every line, and excitement throughout this new Alfred Tack mystery.

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