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T. Stanleyan King Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

T. Stanleyan King Series Character: Dixon Brett

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

T. Stanleyan King Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Laleham's Feud ? 1909 "A stirring story of school life"
Who Killed Stephen Tennant ? Aldine Publishing 1925
The Yellow Wolf Aldine Publishing 1926 Dixon Brett Detective Library
The All-Conquering Game Aldine 1926 Aldine Football Novels
A Football Imposter Aldine 1926 Aldine Football Novels
The Masked Apollo Aldine 1926 Aldine Boxing Novels. no. 19
The Missing Mayor Aldine 1926
Comrades of the Canvas Aldine 1927 Aldine Boxing Novels. no. 27
Dandy Dick's Mascot 1928 Aldine Boxing Novels. no. 40
The Headless Ghost Mellifont Press 1932
The Kidnapped Prince Mellifont Press 1932
The Motor Horn Mystery Mellifont Press 1932
Viola's Dilemma Mellifont Press 1932
Slayer of Souls Mellifont Press 1932
The Monk's Croft Mystery Mellifont Press 1933
The Mummy's Curse Mellifont Press 1933
The Call of Death Mellifont Press 1934 A Scarsdale Waring detective thriller
Black Magic Mellifont Press 1934 Scarsdale Waring and the devil genius
Vampire City Mellifont Press 1935 A Scarsdale Waring detective thriller
The Fatal Image Mellifont Press 1940
The Headless Ghost Mellifont Press 1941

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T. Stanleyan King Author Biography - Information About the Author
T. Stanleyan King is a Hubin listed author but with a view to a complete list of the author's books we've listed everything held in the British Library so this should be a comprehensive T. Stanleyan King bibliography.
All of these boks are very rare indeed, we've only ever handled one of the author's books.

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