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T. Lund Series Character: Dick Weston

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

T. Lund Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Weston of the Royal North-West Mounted Police T. Werner Laurie 1928 Reissued by Mellifont Press 1938
Up North: a Tale from Northern Canada T. Werner Laurie 1929 Reprinted by Mellifont Press 1939
The Murder of Dave Brandon T. Werner Laurie 1931 A story of the North West Mounted Police
Reprinted by Mellifont Press 1939
In the Snow T. Werner Laurie 1932 Romance of the Canadian backwoods
Robbery at Portage Bend T. Werner Laurie 1933 A story of the Royal North-West Mounted Police
Us edition: Claude Kendall 1933
Steele Bey's Revenge T. Werner Laurie 1934
The Lone Trail Omnibus T. Werner Laurie 1936 Omnibus of the first 3 books
The Vanished Prospector T. Werner Laurie 1937 A story from northern Canada

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T. Lund Author Biography - Information About the Author
T Lund, Captain Trygve Lund born 1886, is a Hubin listed author.
Rare books in dust jackets, far from common without jackets, with only one book published in America, duly noted in the bibliography above.
No paperback books found, reprints noted when found in the British Library so problems for the reader as well as the collector.

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