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Sutherland Scott Series Character: Dr Septimus Dodds

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Murder Without Mourners Stanley Paul 1936
Murder is Infectious Stanley Paul 1936
Crazy Murder Show Stanley Paul 1937 Reprinted in 1941 as Murder on Stage
US edition: Hillman-Curl 1937
The Influenza Mystery Stanley Paul 1938
The ARP Mystery Stanley Paul 1939 Hubin incorrectly call for "murder" not "mystery"
Murder in the Mobile Unit Stanley Paul 1940
The Night Air is Dangerous Stanley Paul 1943
Escape to Murder Stanley Paul 1946
Operation Urgent Stanley Paul 1947 Scottish National Library calls for 1948
Capital Punishment Stanley Paul 1949
Tincture of Murder Stanley Paul 1951
Blood in their ink Stanley Paul 1953 Non-fiction, the march of the modern mystery novel
Diagnosis Murder Stanley Paul 1954
Dr Dodd's Experiment Stanley Paul 1956

Sutherland Scott Biography - Information About the Author
Sutherland Scott is a pseudonym of Doctor William Clunie Harvey.
Blood in Their Ink; The March of the Modern Mystery Novel is non-fiction and is probably quite an interesting read for crime fiction fans and collectors as it covers not only some history, in terms of writing, but also the authors advice and tips for writers looking to enter the genre - given how obscure the Good Doctor is, and indeed was, I wonder at the efficacy of these tips, still a potentially interesting read and by far his commonest book.
Collectors seeking a full set of the Septimus Dodds books are going to struggle, in our experience they are difficult to find, especially in jacket.


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