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Stewart Farrar
Series Character: Inspector Elwyn Morgan

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Snake on 99 Collins Crime Club 1959 Red cloth
US: 1959 Washburn
Zero in the Gate Collins Crime Club 1960 Red cloth. Dust jacket 10/6
US: 1961 Walker
Death in the Wrong Bed Collins Crime Club 1963 Red boards.
US: 1964 Walker
The Twelve Maidens Michael Joseph 1974 US: 1974 St. Martins

Dust Jacket Artist: William Randell

Stewart Farrar Sample
THE HEADQUARTERS of Headline Gazette, " the Stop Press of the Screen ", was a friendly place. Friction among the executives, cameramen, secretaries and technicians seldom seemed more than mild exasperation. When the dead victim of a poisoner was found in the office the shock was great enough, but worse was to come when Inspector Elwyn Morgan confirmed what some had feared: the murderer could only be among the handful of people who had stayed late one night to finish work on the newsreel of the Wimbledon Finals. The shrewd, likeable Welsh police-man soon realised that motive was the only thing which could give him a lead; in the jargon of the newsreels he had to get " zero in the gate ", to search out and identify the right starting point, the point where the seeds of murder had first been planted. Stewart Farrar here maintains the same high standards which distinguished his first book, The Snake 00 99, and introduces the reader to a lively and believable cast of characters moving against a fascinating background and struggling to come to terms with a grim and dangerous situation.

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