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Steve Harragan Series Character: is . . . Steve Harragan!

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Kiss of the Damned Universal Books 1952 The most tempting doll he'd ever met !
Dope Doll Universal Books 1952 Sex and suspense in a savage setting !
Smuggled Sin Universal Books 1952 She had diamond dust in her eyes and
lust in her heart !
Sin is a Red Head Uni-Book 1952 He figured she must be bad and . . .
He was right !
The Side Show Girl Uni-Book 42 1952 A lusty novel of carnival folk !!
The Bigamy Kiss Universal Books 1952 Too many dames can ruin a guy !
Cuban Heel Uni Book 64 1953 A torrid tale of Cuban intrigue
Cuban cuties and Cuban sin !
The Queer Sisters Universal Books 1953 Twisted love and hateful passion
Carney's Burlesque Universal Books 1953 Hers was a rhapsody of men
played on a g-string
The Shayne Dame Universal Books 1953 Ruthless men have a Hollywood starlet at their mercy
Three Bad Girls Universal Books 1953 Three beautiful adventuresses . . .
A hair raising tale of loot and lust

Cover Artist: Unknown

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Steve Harragan Author Biography - Information About the Author
Steve Harragan is a Hubin listed author.
It's suggested Steve Harragan is a pseudonym of William Maconachie although I've been unable to confirm this using the Copyright Catalogues.
Unlike many books in the paperback pulp genre of the 1950s you should be able to put all the books together you see in this list, some easier to find than others but a full set is possible.
None of the books in this bibliography are listed in the British Library or the American Library of Congress but we've put together what we belive to be a complete list of books, if however, you know of another not listed here then please do drop us an email.

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