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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Shroud for shylock Doubleday 1939 Book set in New York
Death Checks in Doubleday Crime Club 1939 UK: Peter Davies 1939 as Whose Corpse?
Hearses Don't Hurry Doubleday 1941 No British edition
False Bounty Doubleday 1948 UK: Gollancz 1949. Also as
I. the Executioner 1953 Ace, paperback
The Deadly Miss Ashley Gollancz 1950 No US found. Not in Hubin
Lilies in Her Garden Grew Gollancz 1951 US ? Not in Library of Conress or Hubin
Only a British edition held in the British Library found
Tread Lightly, Angel Gollancz 1952 No American book found
Hear No Evil Doubleday 1953 UK: Gollancz 1954
Drag the Dark Gollancz 1954 Only British edition found
The Shroud Off Her Back Doubleday 1953 UK: Gollancz 1953
Deadly Bedfellows Gollancz 1955 Only British edition found
Reissued by Hamilton & Co, 1960
Night Drop Gollancz 1956 Only British edition found
Frazer Acquittal Doubleday 1955 UK: Gollancz 1955. Book set in Philidelphia
Men in Her Death Doubleday 1956 Dust jacket artwork by Tom O'Sullivan
UK: Gollancz 1957
So Deadly My Love Doubleday 1957 UK: Gollancz 1958
Reissued by Panther Books 1957
I'll Die for You Doubleday 1959 Dustwrapper artist Al Lichtenberg
UK: Gollancz 1959
Warning Bell Doubleday 1960 UK: Gollancz 1960
Unspeakable Doubleday 1960 UK: Gollancz 1960
Some Must Watch Doubleday 1961 UK: Gollancz 1961
Without a Trace Doubleday 1962 UK: Gollancz 1962
The Night, the Woman Dodd Mead 1963 UK: Gollancz 1963
One-Man Jury Dodd Mead 1964 UK: Gollancz 1965
Meet in Darkness Dodd Mead 1964 UK: Gollancz 1964
Alias his Wife Dodd Mead 1965 UK: Gollancz 1965
Sin File Dodd Mead 1965 UK: Gollancz 1966. Backdrop Florida
Hidden Hour Dodd Mead 1966 UK: Gollancz 1966
Trap #6 Crime Club Doubleday 1971 UK: Gollancz 1972. Book set in Florida

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Stephen Ransome Author Biography - Information About the Author
Stephen Ransome is a pseudonym of Frederick C Davis, born 1902 and died 1977, he is a Hubin listed author.
There are, duly noted, Stephen Ransome books we've found in the British Library which have no corresponding edition in the US Library of Congress. We've included every book we can find, some not listed in Hubin, so this bibliography should be a complete list of books in order, order as per national library holdings.
There are two notable and rarely seen differences with the books of Stephen Ransome. Firstly, the American first edition books in dust jacket are rarer on the market than the English editions and secondly the dust jacket artwork on the US books is far superior to those on the British, the Gollancz yellow jacket horrors I'm afraid.
UK editions are easily found, online at least, and modestly priced, American editions less so, a collectable author.

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