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George Stanley

The Sign of Seven

Coker 1950
Artwork by GP Micklewright

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THE two guards whom Cecil had brought back with him from town sat in the kitchen discussing their duties with Charles Sneyd. "What's coming off here?" asked one of them. "You expecting some of the boys to come down and knock off the silver?" "It's not for the likes of you to ask questions,' answered Sneyd importantly. "You are here to obey orders. One of you will patrol round the house outside all night. The other one will stop inside, and see that nobody gets in. That's what the guv'nor said, didn't he?" "All right! All right!" replied the man. "There's no 'arm in asking a question, is there?" "It depends on who's asking the question," answered Sneyd. "It's nearly eleven already. You get on and finish your food, and at eleven sharp I'll be back. We'll be getting to bed some time to-night, I suppose." He walked gloomily from the room, and as he vanished one of the men sniggered. "Some butler!" he said, "This is a rummy crowd altogether, Joe. Who's this bird, Louth? He's pretty well in with the boss."

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