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Crooked Highway

Denis Archer 1947
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FAME, that illusory thing which, almost since the world began, men and women have expended blood and tears and toil and sweat to seek, can be achieved in a thousand ways. It may come, if it comes at all, after heartbreaking years of burning midnight oil; after a lifetime spent in seeking it, or when one seems but part way to the goal. One can, conversely, attain to fame—have it thrust upon one, as it were, without necessarily being conspicuous for any personal marked ability. Beauty, female beauty, both of figure and of form—preferably the two in combination—not only paves the road towards celebrity but can be a highly marketable asset. Nowadays, modern, printing and tastes being what they are, even more than ever. The "lovely," placarded or published, has always been a lure. A magazine that has an efficient "lovely" on its cover is as sure of bigger circulation as the cocoa, soap or face-cream advertised in conjunction with a female face is sure of bigger sales. With the right type of face—that is to say the type most in popular vogue—all things are possible. It is not a matter of intelligence at all— the world, for the time being, wants that sort of face and there are plenty of people in the publishing and publicity business working to ensure a full supply.

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