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Spencer Dean Series Character: Don Cadee (in all titles)

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Frightened Fingers Washburn 1954 UK: TV Boardman 1955
The Scent of Fear Washburn 1954 Reprinted in 1956 as: Smell of Fear
UK: TV Boardman 1956
Marked Down for Murder Doubleday 1956 UK: TV Boardman 1957
Murder on Delivery Doubleday 1957 UK: TV Boardman 1958
Dishonour Among Thieves Doubleday 1958 UK: TV Boardman 1959
Price Tag for Murder Doubleday 1959 UK: TV Boardman 1960
The Merchant of Murder Doubleday 1959 UK: TV Boardman 1960
Murder After a Fashion Doubleday 1960 UK: TV Boardman 1961
Credit for a Murder Doubleday 1961 British: TV Boardman 1962

Spencer Dean Biography - Information About the Author
Spencer Dean is a pseudonym of Prentice Winchell born 1895 and died 1976.
The American first edition books precede the British editions in all cases. The UK books are part of the glorious British bloodhound mystery series.
We've listed the books in the order in which they've been catalogued by the British Library.

Book collectors will find the American editions much more common than the British books which are in fact rare in jacket, the dustwrappers being more attractive on the UK books in most cases I think.
Ex-public library copies will be an issue for those seeking the British bloodhound editions, smallprint runs and large library allocations being the usual issue for less well known authors in the UK at the time.


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