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Nancy Spain

R in the Month

Published by Hutchinson 1950
Jacket artist sadly unknown

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Nancy Spain    

NANCY SPAIN'S new grotesque detective story, R in the Month, that genius-revue artist-detective Miriam Birdseye goes with her friend (the charming poet, Frederick Pyke) to Brunton-ou-Sea to write a play and at the same time break off an undesirable engagement with 'a Major Bognor'. Major Bognor lives in the thoroughly mis-shapen Oran-niore Private Hotel, in that typically Spain seaside town : Brunton-on-Sea. Her constant readers will remember it from Poison for Teacher. His rich mother, Mrs. Eithne Bognor, lives there too. The proprietor of the hotel, good-looking Tony Robinson, who bought the place on mortgage when he came out of the R.N.V.R., is on the verge of bankruptcy. His wife, Celia, is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Their disintegration is accelerated by mother-in-law (Mrs. Ada Greeb, of Harrogate), two really frightful servants (Connie Watson, the chef, and her 'personal' kitchen maid, Tommy), and their twin daughters (April and May).

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