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Nancy Spain

Not Wanted on Voyage

Hutchinson 1951
Jacket artwork by Farnhill

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Nancy Spain     Farnhill

Not Wanted on Voyage, the latest Nancy Spain extravaganza, concerns a terrible pleasure cruise, undertaken by a number of typically Spain characters in the Comet a vessel belonging to the Dutch and English Comet Line. Douglass Comett, the English director of the line, is perturbed. Heroin is being smuggled into England and the Comet is probably the vehicle used for the traffic. His contact man, Roger Partick-Thistle, suggests a nice quiet discreet detective who might well solve everything. Her name (how did you guess ?) is Miriam Birdseye. So Miriam sails in Lhe good ship Comet with her friend the poet, Frederick Pyke (whom Spain fans will remember from J.i in the Month), Douglass Comett, his beautiful bitchy wife Hero, Hero's lover, that odd author of historical novels, Gordon Furbank, Furbank's wife Zitha, little June Comett, her Nanny and half a hundred more.

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