Death on the Swim

Wishart & Co 1933
Jacket artwork by Paul Rotha

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SIMON' is the pseudonym of the writer whose firstrst story Murder among Friends was one of the few unusual thrillers of 1933-Tils second book is no less out of the ordinary than the first; |c" is likely to have a more pop-par appeal, whilst being still so ""ifferent as to attract the reader •ho is tired of the conventional mysteries. the setting is a South Coast Sown and the actors a group of fdiampion swimmers of various .^nationalities who are assembled lefe awaiting suitable weather 'ettiditions for their attempts to swim the Channel and so win prize of a thousand pounds fered by a stunting newspaper. The tragic death of one of the competitors, a charming girl, at the outset of the story, reveals ie.. presence of a threat to any Stitential winner of the prize. ;But from whom* It is the of the source of this scrupulous competitor that ipies the rest of the story— which* owing to the peculiar Sctpistances, there & much Lusual detail to intrigue the ^clue-finder and much starting ""'"";hares before the real quarry

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