The Cat with the Moustache

Wishart & Co 1935
Jacket artwork by Lapthorn

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HAVE you ever met a cat 'wearing a moustache like an Italian ice-cream merchant's? Probably not, and if ever you do it is not unlikely that you will become involved in as surprising a series of events as Inspector Peering does in this story. When a wealthy lady holds a psychic seance in her country house and invites a police officer on leave—who arrives to find the house completely empty and later discovers her ladyship's manservant dead in a ditch—when the trail leads to a private asylum in charge of a doctor almost as peculiar as his patients, and among the clues are a dwarf, a clairvoyant, a rose that turns into a cigarette and a music-hall dancer who sends out code messages during his 'turn,' then obviously here is a deep-laid scheme for the amiable inspector to unravel. All these ingredients, and others no less unusual, make up an eerie story which is mysterious to the last page.

Classic Crime Fiction

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