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Simon Brett - Series Character Charles Paris

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Title   Date Issue Points - Notes
Cast in Order of Disappearance Gollancz 1975 Red cloth gilt lettering
So Much Blood Gollancz 1976 Red cloth gilt lettering
Star Trap Gollancz 1977 Red cloth gilt lettering
An Amateur Corpse Gollancz 1978 Red cloth gilt lettering
A Comedian Dies Gollancz 1979 Red cloth gilt lettering
The Dead Side of Mike Gollancz 1980 Red cloth gilt lettering
Situation Tragedy Gollancz 1981  
Murder Unprompted Gollancz 1982  
Murder in the Title Gollancz 1983  
Not Dead only Resting Gollancz 1984  
A Shock to the System Macmillan 1984  
Dead Romantic Macmillan 1985  
Dead Giveaway Gollancz 1985  
A Box of Tricks Gollancz 1985  
A Nice Class of Corpse Macmillan 1986  
What bloody Man is that Gollancz 1987  
Mrs Presumed Dead Macmillan 1988  
A Series of Murders Gollancz 1989  
Mrs Pargeter's Package Macmillan 1990  
Corporate Bodies Gollancz 1991  
Mrs Pargeter's Pound of Flesh Macmillan 1992  
A Reconstructed Corpse Gollancz 1993

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