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This Sidney A Porcelain bibliography or checklist features only the crime fiction titles.
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Purple Pony Murders Phoenix 1944 UK: 1948 Partridge
Blue cloth, black lettering. DJ priced 7/6
Book dated 48 & British Library call for 1948, Hubin say 1946.
Other Titles rear panel 48 & 49 but inside flap 1946
The Crimson Cat Murders Phoenix 1946 Not published in the UK
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Dust Jacket Artist: Unknown

Further Information
We know nothing about this author although we have found mention of somebody with the same name but E for the middle letter not A being a literary agent - as to whether this is a relative or an amazing coincidence we cannot say. If you can shed any light on this writer or help in any way with background information please do drop us an email. His series character was Stephen Clay who appeared in both books listed.

Sample from Fatal Purchase
At 7:04 Dexter Kite put down his telephone. His face showed pleasure. Things were beginning to work out. The piece of information he had just received would put him on top. He wrote something down on the page of the paper lying in front of him. He then inserted the paper in a folio and tucked it carefully into a side drawer of the large mahogany desk. It was late, after office hours, but that didn't matter. He could wait. There was a lot to be done tonight; From another drawer he took a mirror, glanced with approval at his black eyebrows which he brushed with the edge of his index finger and twined his iron-grey moustache. Distinguished looking. Any woman would be proud to have him, he decided. Any woman ... He stared beyond the mirror and automatically replaced it as a knock came at the door. His watch said 7:06i. The door opened at his command and a waiter entered, carrying a tray on his palm. "Over here." The waiter swung the tray skilfully, bringing it down on the desk to Kite's left. Kite peered at it with nodding head. The tray held a potent Martini for himself, a Creme Yvette and flaked biscuits for Madge. When he looked up, the door was closing behind the waiter. He glanced at his watch again. She should be here soon. 7:08. .

Classic Crime Fiction

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