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SH Courtier

Death in Dream Time

Hammond 1959

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Jock Corless didn't understand the cryptic S.O.S., but he knew that his cousin, Laurie, would not have sent it without good reason, so he was soon speeding to Ungamillia, Queensland, where Austin Flax had his homestead and his eccentric creation Dream Time Land, in the jungle mazes of which tourists could stumble over astonishing depictions of native initiation ceremonies, or start back from armed warriors peering from the thick bush. Jock's arrival at Ungamillia coincided with Laurie's body being lifted into an ambulance, apparently the victim of a road accident. But Jock was not satisfied and decided to go ahead with deciphering the S.O.S., especially when he found that his ex-fiancee appeared to be involved. Before the startling secret was revealed, Jock's search led him through the black depths of Dream Time Land into a devastating trap of intrigue and murder. S. H. Courtier again depicts the Australian scene with authentic detail and a first-class story.

SH Courtier

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