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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Lady of Winston Park Robert Hale 1972 US: Beagle 1974
Lady of Monkswood Manor Robert Hale 1972 US: Beagle 1974
The lady of Chantry Glades Robert Hale 1972 US: Beagle 1974
Lady of Drawbridge Court Robert Hale 1973 US: Beagle 1974
Lady of Rogan's Tower Robert Hale 1974 US: Beagle 1975
The Curse of Pengrail Park Robert Hale 1976 US: Plyaboy 1978 as
Sweet Jael
Lady of Mariner's Meed Robert Hale 1976 US: Ballantine 1976 as
The Reluctant Paragon
The Tavern Wench Robert Hale 1978 US: Doubleday 1979
A Touch of Terror Robert Hale 1980 US: St Martin's 1980

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Sarah Farrant Author Biography - Information About the Author
Sarah Farrant is a pseudonym of Valerie Harris who was born in 1930.
We've inculded this author as she is listed in Hubin, mystery readers should check titles before buying as they don't seem like crime fiction!
We've included every title that the British Library holds by this author
Those who do want to collect Sraah Farrant books will find it difficult due to Public Library allocations, most of the print runs by this publisher traditionally went to libraries.
There is some attractive dust jacket artwork of the period but it is not criminous in nature.
All American editions are noted along with the alternative titles when applicable.

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